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Praise from Girls


“You helped us because you actually spoke to us and not at us. You got on our level and helped us and you’re flawless to us because we can look up to you now.”

Dr. Carla is one of the few women that I can genuinely look up to and talk to about my innermost problems. She comes from a place of openness and guidance as opposed to telling me what’s right and wrong. She covers all aspects of young women’s health. She covers both physical and emotional health like self-esteem. She doesn’t talk to us like we’re little kids; more like an older sister. – Aria

Over the years I’ve been able to talk to Dr. Carla about my issues without feeling bad about what I was going through. She talks with me, not at me and gives me great advice that I can relate to everyday life. – Jakia

In 2004, I came into contact with a big sister, friend, and mentor named Dr. Carla. She taught me how to gain respect from males and that in order to get respect, you have to give respect. By learning so much information from the meetings, I must say that I admire her for having the courage to create HOTGIRLS. I really enjoyed the events and time that we spent together with other teens. Thank you Dr. Carla for being my role model. – Sha-Quita

Dr. Carla is someone who you can really trust and look up to. She is someone who I can go and talk to about any of my problems whether it’s a boyfriend or even something deeper. She is a great motivator. She is someone who I can call my big sister. I know she won’t judge me about any problem I may have in my life. – Sesyli

Dr. Carla has always been there for me no matter what my problem was. If you ask her anything she will try to her best to answer it with her true heart, no lies, no matter if her outlook may not be what u want to hear. When I met Dr. Carla in 2007 there was just something about the glow she had around her that made me feel that I would be real cool with her for a very long time. She is one of those grown ups that really does care about what you have to say and not let it go in one ear and out the other. As a teen girl I was blessed to meet someone who spoke out about the things teen girls go through and are too scared to say anything about it because of what others may say about them. If the world had more people like Dr. Carla for teens around people would grow up to be much better people and [negative] things in black America would not be going on. So I think that anyone would be proud to say that I am a part of HOTGIRLS and that I know Dr. Carla. –Alethia

Dr. Carla goes beyond the scope of a mentor. I remember going to the HOTGIRLS sessions when I was 16 and feeling a sense of empowerment. Dr. Carla is one of the few adults that I know who can converse with youth on their level. She is very honest, caring and inspirational. When my step-father passed away, Dr. Carla sent me a care package enclosed with a book and a journal on how to deal with a loss of a parent. I didn’t expect anything from her yet those two gifts helped me deal with my loss. She truly cares about our youth and is so selfless in doing so. I’ll never forget how Dr. Carla would pick us up in her car, help us design the (teen) summits, and be such a good friend and fellow black woman that I can admire and look up to. She has a good heart and she shows her dedication each day when she goes into the community to educate. – Ja’Celynn

Dr. Carla was the first young professional to influence my life. Meeting her and joining HOTGIRLS when I was 16 played a crucial part in developing me into the woman I have become. At such a young age I was able to address issues affecting teens that help me consciously live my life. Dr. Carla is young enough to talk with us on a level that we would understand but old enough to have experienced life in a way that enables her to mold minds and lead young girls in the right path. She exemplifies strength, intelligence and a passion for impacting the lives of young women everywhere. Dr. Carla leads by example as a positive role model and advocate for positive living environments and healthy lifestyles. – Teni-Ola

Dr. Carla is an exceptional woman. She is truly gifted when it comes to working and interacting with girls. She is highly educated and has much to offer young girls looking for guidance. She is a terrific role model and a great asset to have in one’s life. I am truly grateful for the knowledge and wisdom she has imparted upon me in the 2 1/2 years that I have known her. – Quanteshia

YOUR ARTICLE WAS GREAT AND SUPER TRUE. I didn’t get bored while reading it. I read the whole thing. The stuff you said about what girls call themselves, I’m not even gonna lie. I used to call myself those things until I got in your program. – Amber


Dr. Carla was the most helpful person at the Girl Scout Leadership Institute Conference and she inspired me even more to follow my dream of becoming an adolescent psychologist. – Rachel, Reading, PA

“She is friendly and it feels like you have known her forever.”

“She is a person who is so positive and you feel good when you’re around her.”

“Dr. Carla is very relatable, open and approachable”

“She’s very positive, inspirational and motivating.”

“She’s cool, kind, intelligent, chill, and very inspiring.”

“She is someone who tries really hard to help girls make sure they know they are valuable. She is soooo caring!”

“A very inspirational woman who has gone through a lot but has overcome and is very successful”

“An ambitious person and she keeps it real”

“She is not preachy. She gets on our level and talks to us, not at us.”

“A strong woman who can relate to how young girls feel about their body and teach them how to appreciate themselves”

“She’s like an all knowing big sister.”

“She’s a woman who has overcome teen girls’ struggles”

“She’s just like us.”

“She’s really cool and very understanding about how teen girls feel.”

“She’s very smart and beautiful and gives amazing advice.”

“She’s a person who will help you change yourself and feel good.”

“Dr. Carla is an amazing lady and you will feel amazing because of her.”

“She is real, she is cool and really knows what she’s talking about”

“She’s an encouraging lady. If you ever need advice or someone to talk to, it’s her!”

Dr. Carla Stokes: You are a great inspiration to all young females. I thank you for taking your time to speak to us. – Eve’s Circle Conference Participant, Montgomery, AL

I had an enjoyable time. I cried on probably everything you said. Thank U ☺ Love, Sharon, Montgomery, AL

I really feel you on what you were saying. I’ve been talking to God about it. It is really heart breaking to see women so degraded. God has really blessed you with a word and I’m grateful to see that someone is teaching. Thank you! – Zakiya

I loved it. It was one of the FUNNIEST workshops I have ever been to. It wasn’t one of those sit down adult kinds. We actually got up and had fun. – Destiny

I liked all of the activities that we did tonight!!! It helped me to become more open! – Chasity

I thought this was a good time. I feel happy. I am sick with a cold, but I feel a lot better! – Victoria

I liked everything. It really lifted my spirit– Alex

I truly enjoyed every aspect of the workshop. I learned a lot about self-worth and believing in myself…I realized that I need to follow my dreams and passions. –DeLandria

She was confident, inspirational, wonderful….and so self-assured in a positive way. – Kelsi

I loved the workshop. Best workshop of all of the cotillion. I really liked the calm time where we envisioned our future. – Jeanetta

I really enjoyed Dr. Carla, the workshop put me back in touch with myself. – Whitley

She was very real and her topics made me think. – Alexaundra

She really brought out the realness of the situation. I really liked it. – Brianna

I loved the fact that we got to be real and focus on the positives of being a strong, powerful, confident girl. – Lauren


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